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What is Walkabout Lab?

Walkabout Lab is a research and development team that specializes in measuring, researching, and designing players’ experiences. Our main goal is to develop in close cooperation with game dev studios such games that will set new standards in the field of players’ experiences.

Tools & Techniques

In our work, we use many techniques and tools, such as moderated play-tests, interviews and surveys, eye-tracking research, usability and ergonomics research, cognitive walkthrough, and heuristic-based auditing. Our team can help strategically in setting goals and priorities, both business and creative. We also evaluate and design user interfaces.

We have extensive experience in both the game user experience and narratology.

We can help basically at every stage of the game development process. Starting from an idea, through the first tests on simple prototypes to play-tests at any stage of development. We help answer questions bothering game developer teams, such as:

  • Does this idea have potential?
  • What mechanics are the most addictive for players?
  • Do players go with a flow?
  • Is the accepted level of difficulty appropriate?
  • Did level design work the way we assumed?
  • Is the HUD intuitive and does it fulfill its task?
  • What emotions do users feel during the game?
  • Is the plot invented by us is an interesting and consistent experience?
  • Does this version meet the requirements of being a good vertical slice for investors?
  • and more…

What methods do we use?

  • Individual and group play-tests (mainly in the RITE methodology, but we are also open to other methodologies)
  • Usability tests of interfaces
  • Cognitive walkthrough analysis
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Title tests on various platforms
  • Focus groups
  • Workshop development of new ideas
  • Eye-tracking analysis
  • Biometric tests (eg heart rate, EEG)
  • Game controller tests and optimization of game control systems
  • Cultural probes and journal tests
  • Workshops and narrative audits
  • Participating observations (shadowing)
  • Gaming analytics
  • Strategic workshops, on which we help to develop clear goals that are consistent for the whole team and priorities.
  • We also help in the integration of the teams by developing contracts between team members. This contract helps in establishing the rules of operation and a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Contact us

Simply write an e-mail at hello@walkabout.games titled “Walkabout Lab application”
and give us some basic info about your project!