We are here to help your video game come to life.

We support independent video game developers

Walkabout is a developer of aspiring independent game studios from Central and Eastern Europe. We provide support and guidance while ensuring you creative freedom. Our goal is to help produce amazing gaming experiences. We focus on ambitious, mostly story-driven projects, but you can pitch us any idea you want.

What we provide

We provide support to turn your idea into reality.

Working space & equipment

Legal and accounting services

Mentorship from industry's veterans

Financial support

Make Your Idea Happen

Every idea is different. Every creator is unique

There are no universal solutions, therefore the nature and scope of our assistance is tailored to the needs of a specific project. Meet us, so we can find out if we can help you and how to do it effectively.

Games We Brought to Life

Paradise Lost

Adventure and philosophy meet in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by John Milton’s poem.

Space Cows

Fast-paced hardcore zero-G shooter channeling the spirit of saucy adult cartoons.


Noir techno-thriller in the form of a playable graphic novel. Stealth and action combined.

Wanderlust. Travel Stories

A narrative game about the longing for distant places, that focuses on emotions, experiences and life-changing encounters on a traveller’s path.

Your Game

You have a concept. We have the means to make it a reality. Let’s talk.