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What we do &

who we are?

Walkabout is a Polish-based developer of aspiring independent game studios.

We support creative teams from Central and Eastern Europe by arranging fully-equipped creative environments that suit their needs and making sure their games reach the players from all over the world.

It’s all about producing great gaming experiences. The developers who collaborate with Walkabout retain full creative freedom while being provided with tools, education, mentoring by the industry’s top specialists, as well as financial and legal support necessary to bring their games to life.

The foundation of every superb game is an outstanding concept, which is why we are looking for ideas first. We support ambitious projects – ones that aim to evoke the kind of amazement that we love video games for.

What kind of projects can you pitch?

We produce games for PC, consoles, Android and iOS, and are open to any platforms or genres. Our goal is to help create something new and exciting, so we’ll gladly hear unusual, surprising, even risky ideas.

It does not matter if your game is just a concept or you already have a playable demo. We can start co-operation at any stage. Please mind, though, that we will need time to analyze the possibilities, so we will not be able to pick up a game a couple of days before planned release.

How to contact us?

If you have an idea or a project you would like us to support, send us an e-mail with the following information:
– a short overview of your game, including the current stage of production and estimated release date;
– links to concept arts, videos, screenshots or demos – if you already have them;
– a few words about yourself and your background;
– the kinds of support you need.